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Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management (QHS&E)

At Rush Construction Services we believe that delivering quality, health and safety, and environmental best practice ensures we consistently provide a service that meets and exceeds our clients’ and regulatory requirements.

Quality, health and safety, and environmental management are fully integrated into our normal business practice. We maintain certification and strict adherence to International Standards ISO 9001(Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 45001 (Safety) standards. We are an Achilles UVDB and Verify Registered Supplier.

At Rush Construction Services we ensure the full involvement of all our employees and supply chain members in maintaining our longstanding ‘Zero Harm’ record on all Health, Safety and Environmental areas. We are committed to the wellbeing of all employees and others affected by our activities and to reducing our impact on the environment.  

Rush Construction Services commitment to maintaining our excellent record within safety critical environments is managed by a dedicated team of competent Designers and Managers qualified across all QHS&E areas. A programme of staff training and Continuing Professional Development underpins both personal development and professional best practice. These QHS&E processes provide the advice, support and inspections that delivers effective QHS&E management to all our employees and stakeholders both on site and in the office.

Rush Construction Services in-house QHS&E expertise also provides our clients with a comprehensive design and project management service which includes full compliance with the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

Rush Construction Services implement user friendly BIM solutions to detect and design out risks from the outset, promoting the collaborative sharing and use of structured health and safety information by project team members throughout the delivery process.

Through design and project management activities Rush Construction Services identify and control potential causes of pollution and nuisance that can adversely impact on people, habitats, wildlife, native ecosystems and watercourses. We promote the efficient use of natural resources through the specification and use of sustainable or recycled materials. This has included the recycling and re-use of excavated material in pipe trench backfilling on a major pipeline project and the successful and award winning treatment and recycling of excavated contaminated material in a gasworks site, (rather than disposing of the spoil as “contaminated waste” and transferring the “contamination” elsewhere). Where appropriate we also carry out risk and whole life cycle impact assessments on capital assets and materials.

Rush Construction Services monitor our energy footprint and take measures to manage and reduce it. Through our implementation of ISO 14001 compliant processes we also look for continuous improvement in our own environmental practices. This is achieved through minimising the consumption of materials and encouraging the use of more environmentally friendly alternatives wherever possible, coupled with recycling and encouraging employees to suggest how we can further reduce our environmental impact. We have adopted and encouraged employees to work from home as long ago as 1988 and as much as possible, thus reducing carbon emissions, stress and time spent in travelling, and energy consumption (170,000 gallons of road fuel to 2021).



We believe home-working in this way is an effective way to encourage well-being in employees and their families, making the working experience enhanced.

From our head office in Devon and our various home based locations Rush Construction Services are able to effectively meet the needs of clients across the whole of the UK, further reducing our carbon footprint in a most cost efficient way.