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Rush Construction Services were commissioned by National Grid to undertake a feasibility study into the consolidation of pressure regulating equipment at Fulham gas holder station (formerly Fulham gas works) following a decision by the client to demolish, remediate and develop the former gas holder site into high-rise residential apartments in conjunction with Berkeley Group. Subsequently, Rush were commissioned with the follow-up conceptual and detail design studies in relation to the construction of a brand new HP/IP/MP/LP PRS incorporating a 30” HP inlet pig trap facility, 24” filter streams, 24” buried HP/IP control valve streams, non-fiscal metering, multiple buried IP/MP & IP/LP regulator streams and local gas treatment facility. As well as the mechanical pipework design, the project included all associated civil, electrical, instrumentation (telemetry) and cathodic protection engineering design disciplines.

Due to the location of the new PRS and the fact that the high-rise residential apartments would overlook the site, noise and aesthetics played an important role in development of the design. Rush worked closely with equipment suppliers and noise consultants to develop 3D models of predicted noise levels at nearby receptors, as well as accommodating architects’ specifications for the overall site finish and boundary wall.

We were also part of the team involved in the diversion of the incoming 30” Richmond to Fulham high pressure pipeline and routeing of the outgoing medium and low pressure mains to minimise their impact on the proposed development layout.

Designs were produced in accordance with IGEM standards TD/13, TD/1 & TD/3 and all relevant client specifications, including design approval/appraisal in accordance with IGEM/GL/5.

Rush Construction Services are well versed in the use of FEA software and manual stress calculations to resolve code stress exceptions arising from pipework stress analysis. FEA software is employed to assess non-pipework components such as bespoke pipe support designs.